Learning and Development


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Learning and Development (L&D) is perhaps as important a function in an organization as Sales and Marketing. However, it has not got the same respect as it has always been considered a cost center instead of being a part of the business that supports in the increase of the bottom-line (or the topline). The purpose of this book is to provide this knowledge to L&D professionals and to anyone who wants to learn about the L&D function in general. This book will answer the most important question of how to address the challenge of aligning training goals with the business goals of the organization. It will also delve into the complete end to end process of designing, developing, and delivering the training as well as measuring the effectiveness of the training. The metrics to be considered while calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) of the training would also be described.CONTENT: Competencies of L&D Professionals: What are the required competencies for L&D Professionals? A self-test on Business Knowledge will help you understand what information you must know and what knowledge you must have to succeed in this profession.Organisational Performance Analysis: A prerequisite for an L&D Professional is to understand the concept of Organisational Performance Analysis. We will take a look at a basic framework of organisation analysis and organisation change process.Learning Strategy and Stakeholder Management: We will explore some key questions on learning strategy and what an organisation needs to focus on to foster a learning culture. We will walk through a five-step process of stakeholder management which is about engaging and managing senior stakeholder buy-in for the L&D strategy and process.Linking Business Goals to Training Goals: Aligning learning needs to business requirements by identifying business challenges and goals is part of L&D objectives. Business drivers are to be linked to training and benefits to the organisation are to be documented.Career and Learning Trajectories: Inculcating accountability through career and learning trajectories would be the key point of discussion. Linking learning to performance goals, designing a learning journey that includes experiential, social and formal learning processes, would form the learning journey.Enhancing Learner Engagement: This chapter covers the important aspect of enhancing learner engagement through real, relatable, relevant and just-in-time interventions that spread through various methods, interactions and feedback mechanism.Learning Delivery: Creating a learner-centric experience through the course elements, relevance of content, delivery medium, including L&D interventions such as fieldwork, digital learning, social learning, on-the-job coaching and short workshops.Systems and Learning Technology: We explore various learning technology options. The common challenge of availability of employees to attend training is addressed by looking at how technology can improve learner experience and retention and application of learning.Sustaining Continuous Learning: As part of the learning journey, there are certain techniques and interventions that can support learners in sustaining continuous learning, instead of one learning event that does not yield high returns.Learning Transfer and Application: Evaluation methods and tools to analyse learning transfer and application are discussed. This would include aspects of engagement and support of the reporting managers and accountability of relevant stakeholders in ensuring learning transfer and application.Return on the Learning Investment: This section focuses on identifying outcomes-based metrics for the individual, team and organisation. We will explore criteria for measurement and baseline data to measure impact of the learning interventions.Perspectives of L&D Professionals: This final section contains the perspectives of different L&D leaders

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