Geography Education Research in the UK: Retrospect and Prospect


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This book provides a unique assessment of the development of research in geography education and its future prospects, offering a challenging critique of subject-based education research, with particular reference to geography education across a range of different jurisdictions. It covers a range of topics, including the changing role of research in geography education; the relationship between education research and professional practice, with special reference to geography education research; the place of academic subject knowledge in geography education research; critiques of the functions of research in geography education; and the key issues for education policy and policymakers concerning educational research at national and international levels.

Importantly, in a period marked by radical change for education research and researchers, the book offers a timely appraisal of possible ways forward for geography education research. Addressing the needs of academics, research students, policymakers, and education practitioners who undertake, use or shape the future of research in geography education, it comprehensively explores the forces that have driven the development of geography education research and pedagogy. Further, by positioning its analysis in the context of education policy debates in the UK, and further afield, it assesses the role and function of research in education, and offers an outlook on its future. This book is essential reading for all those who wish to understand the sporadic and increasingly uncertain development of subject-based research in education

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