Digital Age: Chances, Challenges and Future


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This proceedings book presents the outcomes of the VII International Scientific Conference “Digital Transformation of the Economy: Challenges, Trends, New Opportunities”, which took place in Samara, Russian Federation, on April 26–27, 2019. Organized by the Samara State University of Economics, the conference chiefly focused on digital economy issues, such as theoretical preconditions for the development of economic systems in the digital age and specific practical issues related to real-world business practice.

Consisting of six chapters corresponding to the thematic areas of the conference, and written by scientists and practitioners from different regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic and Germany, the book offers answers to the most pressing questions for today’s business community:

- How is our world changing under the influence of digital technology?

- Is sustainable economic development a myth or reality in the context of digitalization?

- What threats and opportunities does digitalization bring?

- What are realities and prospects of digitalization in the context of business practice?

- How do we create a digital infrastructure for the economy?

- How should the legal environment of the economy be transformed in the context of digitalization?

The conclusions and recommendations presented are not recipes for solving the existing economic problems, but instead are intended for use in further research on transformation processes in the economy and in the development of state economic policies in various countries and regions.

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