The Art of Going Global


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Internationalizing your firm presents both exciting opportunities and daunting challenges, regardless of your industry. While strategy will vary from firm to firm, this book provides a solid set of decision-making tools that will support you as you take your company global. Starting with the most important step – cultivating a truly international perspective in your senior management team – it sets out the pros and cons of each choice you will face as you define and shape a global strategy. With a pragmatic toolkit provided at the end of each chapter, The Art of Going Global will help to improve your decision-making capabilities in relation to a range of challenges, including:

· Selecting foreign markets

· Adapting your business model

· Navigating uncertain global markets

· Managing across cultures

· Choosing between entry mode options

With case studies and insights illustrating how to apply each toolkit, this book is ideal for practitioners, MBA students, and those in executive education. It will help you to consider a variety of alternative solutions for key managerial decisions on internationalization, the costs and benefits of different strategic scenarios, and ultimately drive you to create a clear global vision for your firm.

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