Life After College


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Need a job? An apartment? Insurance? A plan to pay for it all, without going into debt? Know how to cook and iron? And what ever happened to the weekend keg party? It seems like only yesterday that you were tossing your graduation cap in the air. Now, you’re confronted with challenging real-world questions. There’s no need to stress. Here’s help. Hundreds of graduates help you navigate the real world with hard-won wisdom, tips, and advice. It’s an orientation guide to becoming a successful, semi-mature adult. Life After College is the roommate every new college grad needs.

Topics covered include:

• Finding and Keeping Your Dream Job
• Working Well with Bosses and Coworkers
• The Perfect Place to Live – and How to Get There
• Off-Campus Love
• Cooking, Clothing, Etiquette – and Other Grown-Up Stuff
• Is Grad School for You?
• Savvy Advice on Budgeting – and Getting By with Less

With a special financial“how-to” guide from the American Institute for Economic Research.

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