Learning, Training, and Development in Organizations


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Individual differences, attribute-treatment interactions, and training outcomes / |r Stan Gully and Gilad Chen -- |t Motivation in training and development : a phase perspective / |r Margaret E. Beier and Ruth Kanfer -- |t Experts at work : principles for developing expertise in organizations / |r Eduardo Salas and Michael A. Rosen -- |g An |t updated review of the multidimensionality of training outcomes : new directions for training evaluation research / |r J. Kevin Ford, Kurt Kraiger, and Stephanie M. Merritt -- |t Cognitive science-based principles for the design and delivery of training / |r Nancy J. Cooke and Stephen M. Fiore -- |t Research-based solutions to three problems in web-based training / |r Richard E. Mayer -- |t Synthetic learning environments : on developing a science of simulation, games, and virtual worlds for training / |r Jan Cannon-Bowers and Clint Bowers -- |t Toward a theory of learner-centered training design : an integrative framework of active learning / |r Bradford S. Bell and Steve W.J. Kozlowski -- |t Informal learning and development in organizations / |r Scott I. Tannenbaum ... [et al.] -- |t "Learning" a living : continuous learning for survival in today’s talent market / |r Janice C. Molloy and Raymond A. Noe -- |t Building an infrastructure for organizational learning : a multilevel approach / |r Steve W.J. Kozlowski, Georgia T. Chao, and Jaclyn M. Jensen -- |g A |t multilevel perspective on training and development effectiveness / |r John E. Mathieu and Paul E. Tesluk -- |t Where have we been, and where are we going? / |r Paul W. Thayer and Irwin L. Goldstein -- |t Learning, training, and development in organizations : much progress and a peek over the horizon / |r Eduardo Salas and Steve W.J. Kozlowski.

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