How to Love Your Retirement


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Ready or not, here it comes: your retirement years! The third phase in your life.

You can look forward to good and interesting times if you're prepared, and Love Your Retirement is packed with helpful, entertaining stories and lots of real-life advice from hundreds of retirees who are making the most of their golden years.

Love Your Retirement lets readers learn about the NEW retirement: the un-retirement, Protirement, encore experience, from renewment trailblazers. It will introduce the exciting possibilities about how to think about and experience retirement and to hear from ‘hundreds of heads’ who are doing it in this new and satisfying way.

Stories are:

• Inspirational
• Funny
• Touching
• Educational

Among the topics covered:

-How to pick the best time to retire
-Home again: learning to live with your spouse 24/7
-A new life: starting fresh in business, love, and family
-Back to school—it's more than being Old Person On Campus
-Footloose: traveling your days away
-Health: how to stay fit and beat the insurance system
-Grandkids: how to be the best grandparent in the world
-Volunteering and Working: staying busy and productive

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