The Future of Management in an AI World


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is redefining the nature and principles of general management. The technological revolution is reshaping industries, disrupting existing business models, making traditional companies obsolete and creating social change. In response, the role of the manager needs to urgently evolve and adjust. Companies need to rethink their purpose, strategy, organisational design and decision-making rules. Crucially they will also need to consider how to nurture and develop the business leaders of the future and develop new ways to interact with society on issues such as privacy and trust.

Containing international insights from leading figures from the world of management and technology, this book addresses the big challenges facing organisations, including:

· Decision-making

· Corporate strategy

· People management and leadership

· Organisational design

Taking a holistic approach, this collection of expert voices provides valuable insight into how firms will discover and commit to what makes them unique in this new big data world, empowering them to create and sustain competitive advantage.

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