Engaging Families in Schools


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Engaging Families in Schools is a practical resource that provides strategies and ideas that will contribute to the effective engagement of families and the involvement of parents in their child’s education. Parental engagement with school staff has a significant and very positive impact on children’s learning, and strategies presented have been extensively trialled in a variety of different settings. Nicola S. Morgan shows school staff how to understand the importance of family engagement and evidence the outcomes. This book has been split into ten easily accessible units:

  • Understanding the importance of parent engagement
  • Using whole-school strategies to engage parents
  • The role of the family engagement officer
  • Engaging all parents
  • Engaging Dads
  • Engaging multicultural parents
  • Difficult to engage parents
  • Working with parents to improve student attainment
  • Working with parents to improve behaviour and attendance
  • Working with parents of children with additional needs

This is a must-read guide for teaching and non teaching staff who wishes to bridge the gap between their student’s school and family life and understand the effects of positive family engagement.

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