Human Resource Development


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Human Resource Development (HRD) is fundamental in generating and implementing the tools needed to manage and operate the organization right from the production, management, marketing and sales to research and development, in order to be more productive. This can be done by making people sufficiently motivated, trained, informed, managed, utilized and empowered. Thus, HRD forms a major part of human resource management activities in the organizations.

This book has been carefully developed keeping in mind the requirements of all the varied segments that could use this book extensively and specifically for the students who have chosen HR elective and scholars pursuing research in the broad field of HR.

The book is divided into nineteen chapters and each chapter is backed by illustrations, exercises and case studies, appropriately. The first two chapters start with the introduction to the field. The third and fourth chapters give an introduction to how HRD plays a role in learning the behavior of employees. Rest of the chapters – five to eighteen – deal with various functions of HRD. Finally, the last chapter brings out a detail methodology of how to develop a validated instrument which could be used for survey research in the HR field.

The book has been written in very simple and easily understandable manner with relevant quoted references from earlier researches in this field. This will definitely help the readers to refer the source material, if detail reading is required.

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