Gender and Leadership


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An exciting new book exploring why we have not seen the enduring changes that were once optimistically anticipated. Each chapter tackles an important question around gender and leadership, such as ′Why do leader stereotypes emphasize masculinity?′, ′Why are there so few women in top management positions?′ and ′Why do (some) men in top management feel free to sexually harass women?′.

Leading international scholar in the field, Gary N. Powell explores cutting-edge topics including;

  • the appropriate role of masculinity in leadership,
  • the ever-so-small numbers of female CEOs,
  • and sexual harassment by men in power such as Harvey Weinstein and the resulting #MeToo movement.

With suggestions of practical steps that would work toward achieving a workplace in which all employees can reach their leadership potential regardless of their gender, Gender and Leadership is an important read for students and faculty members alike across the social sciences and humanities.

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