Digital Transformation and the World Economy


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Nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive sciences are contributing to the emergence of intelligent computers and robots with elements of artificial intelligence and intelligent machines. This book postulates that these developments are accelerating the technological substitution of jobs and the shift in labor demand towards high qualification levels, putting the jobs of lower-skilled labor at risk. The digital economy is poised to increase the demand for highly qualified specialists in STEM fields (scientific research, innovative technologies, engineering, and mathematics serving digital technologies). In addition, highly skilled robotics engineers, AI and machine learning specialists, and virtual and augmented reality architects will be required.

This book, using sector-focused mathematical models, explores how the demand for specialized human capital will play a decisive role in increasing the efficiency and productivity of labor in the digital economy. Success is guaranteed to those entrepreneurs who manage to establish a successful process of interaction with intelligent machines, which will require a deep restructuring of the training system for the digital economy.

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